10 May, 2014

Update on the additional Growth Zones Hearing

The panel hearing commenced on Monday the 5th May with council presenting to the three panel members for most of the day. Council's Lawyer argued against the Amendment C199.
BRAG presented the next day for one & a half hours also arguing against  Amendment C199 which identifies additional growth zones as "requested" by the Minister for Planning. Our thanks to all our Members who came to the hearing to support us, much appreciated.
There were 665  written submissions lodged with the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee (RZSAC) of which 130 opted to present personally to the Panel. All submissions are read and considered. Presenting personally to the Panel allows for submitters to make additional points or expand upon their submission. 
A copy of our Update email to BRAG Members on the hearing is attached above which provides more detail.

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