23 July, 2013

ABC Reports Large Scale Fraud of Australia's Visa System

Our Immigration Department is not in control of who comes in to Australia. Immigration Agents issue many visas and it has been reported that far too many of these agents issue dodgy travel and work documents which has resulted in fraud rates approaching 50 per cent to thousands of Indian students and skilled workers and 457 visa holders.

We know that this is happening in other countries too, it is not just in India.

The fraud figures obtained under Freedom of Information by the ABC Fact Check Unit show out-of-control large scale fraud.

For more on this, check out the attached report issued by ABC Radio Australia. In this report there is one alarming case of a a man entering Australia under a false identity. He had previously been deported and was eventually caught and re-deported. But what is worse, his immigration agent who was living in Australia was also under a false identity and he had helped many others to come in to Australia under false papers.

While the refugee intake is a large problem costing us many millions to manage, the unseen arrival of so many more who enter on false visa arrangements or manipulate the system is costing us much more. It has been reliably calculated that for every new arrival, Australia has to spend an additional $200,000 per new arrival for required infrastructure upgrades. 

Its time our politicians took control of who comes in to this country rather than leaving it in the hands of dodgy immigration agents.

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