24 October, 2010

Our Leafy Suburbs Under Attack

The lopping of street trees is under review with the power companies pushing for heavy pruning near power lines.
Peter Batchelor, Minister for Energy & Resources, has announced new guidelines for pruning which will virtually destroy the trees. Following a massive resident backlash and a strong reaction from councils, Premier Brumby has indicated that meetings would be held between his government, councils and Energy Safe Victoria to try to work out how to overcome problems posed by these tough rules.
We say that meetings are often just a smoke screen allowing time for the public outrage to simmer down and this government has a proven record of not responding to residents concerns about such matters. Batchelor has indicated he is determined to ensure the new regulations are followed.
We have asked our members to email both Brumby and batchelor to keep up the pressure to overturn these unacceptable regulations.
Send an email today to john.brumby@parliament.vic.gov.au