12 February, 2018


I came across this item from some years ago. It is from Kelvin Thomson's Blog when he was an MP in the labor party. It is just as relevant today as it was when written. The full article is attached above.........
"Do our governments really govern us? Or do they respond more to big business which in reality controls wealth creation, job creation and growth?" The attached blog from Kelvin Thomson MP makes the point that in a deregulated economy politicians haven't controlled interest rates, the exchange rates, wages or prices for decades. The power base has shifted to trans-national corporations which operate oblivious of national borders (and many don't pay their fair share of tax). These large corporations are dis-empowering governments and Kevin says we should not go further down this path........he also raises the concurrent issue of infrastructure provision for rapidly growing populations (upon which these corporations rely) and states that no council, State or Federal authorities are able to keep up. 
Please read the full article (attached above).