12 October, 2018

Dramatic Changes being Planned for Development in our Suburbs

BRAG has always tried to remain unaligned politically but the plans the Andrews' Government has for centralizing planning  if and when it is re-elected require us to take a stand.
Right now there are plans being developed in secret by Labor to ensure that massive changes can be rammed through to push at least 70% of new medium and high density housing into the middle suburbs with the leafy Eastern suburbs targeted for more than most.
What this means is that you can expect the Labor Government, if re-elected,  to approve multi story blocks of flats in your local street and neither you nor your council will be able to do a thing about it. You will have no right to be advised, object or appeal and the first indication you will have is when construction commences.
And these flats won't be just two or three story, they could be up to seven or eight stories or even more. No more mandatory heights, no real restriction on how many dwellings per block, with Planning Minister, Richard Wynne telling the Public Accounts & Estimates Committee that, under the changes, 10 or more dwellings could be built on a single block previously mandated as a maximum of only two dwellings per block. No more backyards or gardens or trees just buildings and lots of concrete.
On the other hand, the Coalition has announced and confirmed in writing, if elected , it will "restore the Neighbourhood Residential Zone and General Residential Zone protections introduced under the former Coalition Government recently torn up by Labor". In addition we have established that the Coalition will review VCAT's practice of acting as another Responsible Authority and over-ruling over 80% of Councils' properly arrived at decisions. 
BRAG is raising this issue because Labor's plans for densification of our surburban residential areas will drastically change the way we live.
You can do something about it at the November election. Its really up to you to choose.
(A copy of David Davis' speech at our Restore Residents' Rights Rally is attached above setting out the Coalition's position. Note : the heights in second paraagraph no longer apply).