08 June, 2010


Just recently Planning Minister reversed his decision to approve the appalling 39 storey tower at Box Hill.
Initially Madden met with developer Barton Australia and then "called in" the VCAT application and  appointed a panel to review the issue. Interestingly, the local residents group, West Of Elgar Residents Assn.(WERA) a Baptist Church representative and another resident objector presented submissions but were not permitted to hear submissions submitted by council, VicRoads and the developer the next day. This is a denial of natural justice but what can you expect from this dictatorial Brumby government.
Robert Clark MP for Box Hill brought this to the attention of parliament and pointed up the behind closed doors planning procedures as further evidenced by the sham Windsor Hotel procedures.
It should be noted that the Box Hill development was to be jammed into the Box Hill Station complex and would have caused a massive overload of the area causing all sorts of infrastructure and traffic problems.
And now Planning Minister Madden has announced that because the residents and the council were against this development he has withdrawn his approval. Wow! There have been many other unacceptable developments that both council and residents have rejected but Madden has ignored them. Why is this Box Hill development  different???
There must be an election in the offing.

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