10 June, 2012


The first draft of the Boroondara Neighbourhood Character Study (NCS)published by Council was very flawed with inaccurate generic precinct descriptors. BRAG took this issue up with the Council's CEO and, at a subsequent meeting, we were able to convince the council officers to review the descriptors to provide better protection for our residential areas.

The Mayor has now sent out a brochure to households providing information on how to find the reviewed Precinct Statements for your individual neighbourhood by going to the link:www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/our-future which asks for your feedback.
These descriptors for each of over 70 local areas* are designed to ensure that new built form is respectful of the neighbourhood character, 
so it is critical that residents check the wording for their own area and let council know of any concerns

Our view of the changes is that they have been simplified but retain a generic element that could allow developers to manipulate them to their advantage.
Note: A previous study covered *158 local areas and described the fine grained character in detail. This new study is much more general in nature which will not provide the same degree of protection. We urge you to check the new descriptors for your local area very carefully.

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