10 November, 2015


PLAN MELBOURNE REFRESH (PMR) is about the eighth plan for Melbourne over recent years and they have all been about intensification of Melbourne. Our urban planners have no real answers to the populion growth inflated by ever increasing immigration, they just want to cram, ram and jamb more development into our residential areas.
For more information on this latest "refresh" see BRAG's email to members attached at the top of this post. PMR is suggesting that the middle suburbs of Melbourne can take more development. Of course the planners, who's profession's income is derived from the development industry, keep pushing this line because the developers don't see any beneifit of developing brown sites or in regional areas because the real economic benifits come from developing in the green and leafy eastern suburbs like Boroondara. That is why we are being targeted.
Read BRAG's email and you will see there are alternatives to the cram, ram and jamb idea.
Time for a big rethink on the rate of immigration and the tunnel vision in all these plans for Melbourne. How about planning now for another city in Victoria which could be progressively developed over many years  to accomodate several million people if that's what is necessary. Or how about cutting back our record immigartion numbers to around the 100,000 p.a. which would still put us ahead of the other OECD countries and meet our international obligations regarding the world population problems. We are sure you can think of more solutions. 
We  urge you to make a submission to Plan Melbourne Refresh by 18th December.

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