05 July, 2016


The hall was overflowing with many standing. Each of the 3 panelists, David Davis (Shadow Minister for Planning) Prof. Michael Buxton (Environment & Planning RMIT) and Dr Bob Birrell (Australian Population Research Inst.) commented upon the current government's review of suburban planning under Plan Melbourne Refresh and the review by a government Panel of the residential zones. The indications are that the intent will be to allow more medium density and high-rise into the established suburbs of Melbourne
The audience reaction made it very clear that this was unacceptable.
The Forum was well attended by residents from many parts of Melbourne. (We noted representatives from resident groups from Darebin, Thornbury, Knox, Vermont South, Malvern, Monash, Glen Huntly,Whitehorse, Brunswick, Brighton, Surrey Hills, and a group with concerns about development at Pentridge. There were many others including all the suburbs in Boroondara).
Members of the audience were given the opportunity to speak and ask questions of the Panel with all being  critical of the government's plans for our established suburbs.
The audience was asked to consider and support a "Residents' Bill of Rights" (RBR) and a motion to do so was passed unanimously. One of the  aims of the RBR is to ensure that residents in future have a real voice in how their residential suburbs are developed along with a list of demands for changes to the overall planning for the future of Melbourne and beyond. 
A copy of an updated version of  "Residents'Bill of Rights" (RBR) is attached (see above). The updates include many of the suggestions in the  emails of support from resident groups and we are now very confident that we  speak for most if not all of the  resident groups right across Melbourne and beyond.
It is our intention to push hard for the RBR to be accepted to protect the interests of residents from developers who are plundering our residential areas, only intent on exploiting every construction opportunity regardless of the impact upon our local residential areas and lifestyle.
We strongly believe this RBR will be widely applicable and we seek your support to get it acceptedYou can  send your intention to support the RBR to the Convenor of PLANNING BACKLASH  -  drostmary@gmail.com   

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