30 May, 2017


The latest changes to 'Plan Melbourne' will further remove resident rights.
The protection provided by the neighbourhood residential zones has been dramatically reduced and 70% of all new development will be forced into our established suburbs. Also multi-storey blocks of apartments will be encouraged in these suburbs so get ready to have multi-storey blocks of flats overlooking and overpowering your home, without the right to object.
A Protest Rally on the steps of Parliament has been arranged for Thursday 8th June, 1 pm. to demand that residents rights are restored and Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 is amended accordingly.
Professor Michael Buxton from RMIT will be our main presenter along with other prominent speakers, so come along and help us to get your rights restored and changes made to protect our homes from over-development. 
Residents' Bill of Rights
You can download a copy  copy of our Residents' Bill of Rights; see attached above - RBR (final )docx;  which has been sent to all parliamentary members of  the state government and to all councils with a request they take action to imliment the RBR.
The RBR has been developed after consulting with resident groups from right across Melbourne. You can see the full story on how the bill came about in the post below dated 5thJuly 2016.

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